Fontana Farms Brewing, in Delphi, Indiana, is the result of many years of travel, great conversations, and experiences over everything else. We are located at 294 East 750 North, Delphi, IN 46923. Our small Beer Garden, Tasting Room, and General Store are now open to the public Thursday-Sunday. Everyone must be at least 21 years of age.

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Spring 2024 Operating Hours

Mon-Weds Closed

Thursday 4-8

Friday 3-9

Saturday 12-9

Sunday 12-8

We do not allow busses without prior approval and scheduling.


We update this list weekly.

Due to Indiana state law, we cannot ship anywhere.

Q: What can we expect at Fontana Farms?

A: Currently, our small Beer Garden, Tap Room, and General Store are serving the finest craft beers in a setting unlike any other that you will find in Indiana. We have indoor and outdoor activities, including cornhole, board games, cards etc. We do not have televisions, public wifi, or any other 21st century contraptions to distract you from enjoying the company of friends and strangers. Spend some time watching the local wildlife along with our guinea fowl and ducks.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at 294 E 750 N Delphi, IN 46923 Please enter the address exactly like that into your GPS. We are 1.6 miles from North Indiana 25 (The Hoosier Heartland.) The driveway is U-shaped and there is an Entrance and Exit. Please park in the gravel lot on the west side of the barn.

Q: What beer styles do you craft?

A: We have a rotating list with new beers all of the time. While much of our passion involves brewing with fruits, herbs, and other ingredients grown and foraged on our land, we have a variety of styles. Please see Menu for the most up to date information.

Q: Do you sell other alcoholic beverages?

A: We are only licensed to legally sell beer that is crafted on premise. No other alcoholic beverages are available.

Q: Do you sell non-alcoholic beverages?

A: We have a small variety of non-alcoholic beverages available. These include water, soda, hop water and punch varieties.

Q: Do you serve food?

A: We offer a small variety of packaged meats, cheeses, and crackers for purchase. You are more than welcome to bring your own food. Please pick up some to-go food from one of our local friends such as Science Project Brewing, The Dog House, Bonus Pints, Fire Pizza, or Pizza King. Also consider the 218 Market outside of Camden, or pack a picnic from home.

Q: Can we bring children?

A: Unfortunately, our current brewer’s license only allows patrons 21 and older on the premises. We are looking into the possibility of allowing all ages on our property in the future.

Q: What are the names of the animals?

A: We call the black cat Mr. Blue. He is super friendly, so please say hi. But be aware that this kitten has claws! We have never seen him be aggressive with anyone but he might hug you with those claws. So hugger beware. It’s not unusual for other “neighborhood” cats to come by and say hi. Please just treat them with caution.

The three elder ducks are Fletcher, Landsbury, and Tupper. Our ducks are all female. The 9 youngsters haven’t been named yet. Our flock of Guinea Fowl have no names but we do have ways of identifying some of them. We have duck eggs available for purchase but the Guinea eggs are not for sale. NOTE: Please don’t feed any of the animals. They get fed by us daily and they also free range. This helps to keep the bug population down and guarantees a balanced diet.

Q: Will you book my band to play at the brewery?

A: We currently do not book live entertainment.

Q: Do you allow dogs on premise?

A: We allow well behaved dogs outside and if there is room, we allow them in the taproom. We do not allow other animals to join you. Except maybe an adorable pig. If you want to bring an adorable pig to the brewery, give us a call 🙂

Ingredients Come First

Using locally harvested yeast, water from our aquifer, and ingredients grown and foraged steps from our brewhouse door, we strive to craft beers with a sense of place and meaning.

Craft Brewing Ingredients Indiana
Craft beer hops
Delphi Indiana dandelion beer
sour cherry beer
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morel mushroom beer
mulberries wild ale
The Animals

We currently have four varieties of Duck. They are Duclair, Pekin, Indian Runner, and Welsh Harlequin. We offer their eggs for sale in the tap-room in season.

The Water

All of our beers start with Delphi, Indiana water from our well.

The Garden

Our most unique beers are crafted with ingredients from our garden. We have used watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers, along with a variety of spices.

The Land

Many of our special ingredients come from foraging our land that surrounds the brewery.

294 E 750 NORTH, DELPHI IN 46923

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